Summer Meadows

Hi everybody! So I have just returned from Barcelona, where I spent the last week. I had such a great time partying in the sun with three of my best friends (look forward to a post coming soon!) Today I thought I would share a post I tried to upload when I was away, however due to Internet complications where I was staying, this wasn't possible. 

The other week I found this new field near my house that was completely filled with cow parsley. The wild and enchanting feel of the field summerised a perfect British summer. Finding this field has really inspired me to go for more explorations around where I live to see if there are more new and exciting scenes like this. 

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Arc
Headband - Primark 


  1. omg yes i totally agree with what you said.. simply marvelous you gorgeous girl :D xx

  2. Beautiful photos! You look so nice :)