A Little Reflection

Now I am settling in to my new place, I have had some time to reflect on the past 18 years. It's funny how many things change over the years; the music you like, your style, how many different times you change what you want to be when you grow up... But then there are also the many traits that stay with you as you grow (I think this is evident from these pictures!) 

Living in a new city away from home has opened so many new doors and I am so excited to attend my official first Art class next week! I have almost made it through my first week and I am looking forward to all the weeks to come!


  1. beautifullll *_*


  2. Always wanted to enroll in art class! Been drawing and painting since I was a child. Love the photos! :D

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  3. Haha awww you were such a cute baby!!! What a fun post. I love that you're in a field in both pictures and wearing a flower crown! You were such a fashionable baby : ) I agree, it's pretty crazy how quickly time goes by and how much you change! College for me was a big stepping stone for me where I changed the most!


  4. OHHHHHH I love this. How adorable and how perfect. I hope you enjoy your first art class! You are very talented :)