Photography: Garage Grunge (1)

I think any girl with long hair has had her fair share of hair flicking moments. This is the first part of a photography series I did almost a month ago now with my friend Cerianne where I tried to capture hair flicking in slow motion. I love the outcomes, especially in black and white - I think it looks like the hair is almost dancing. I also created a collage of some of the best photos at the bottom of this post to show the capture of the movements in slow motion. Hope you like them and as usual tell me what you think! 

 PLEASE NOTE: Photographs are all copyrighted to Rachel Sanders and may not be copied without the owners permission, if you would like to copy any of the images please contact me at rachelsfashionpatch@yahoo.com - Thank you.)   


  1. nice ones!
    xx http://www.annisblog.net/

  2. I love these serial monochromatic images - you've certainly captured her beautiful hair to perfection! I'm sure she will cherish these images forever. :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  3. Cool hair swinging shots. its nice photos.