Evening Sun

I was recently talking to a good friend about the idea of a summer "capsule wardrobe." It got me thinking about pieces that could be used for a variety of occasions throughout the sunny season as an alternative to buying a lot of different outfits only ever to be worn a few times before winter rolls around again. I love the versatility of a pair of loose fitted patterned trousers and its multiple styling options definitely makes it a suitable piece for a capsule wardrobe. They can be complimented with a loose fitted top, laired pendant necklaces and a straw fedora for a bohemian casual day look, a great comfortable option for sight seeing on your summer holiday. For a more evening appropriate look I would smarten them up with a chiffon tank and chic sandals. Either way these trousers are definitely a staple for me this summer and I can't wait to wear them for more sunny evenings like this one. 

Trousers - H&M
Top - H&M 
Sandals - Dune
Necklace - Primark
Sunglasses - Ray Bans


  1. Love your pants and sandals! This is such a cute look!

  2. Your hair *_* ♡
    Love the pants by the way :)


  3. Beautiful pictures. Loooove the shoes! x


  4. The pics are beautiful, and I think I just felt in love (hm, this is not the first time I'm saying this about your outfit :p) with your shoes and pants !

    Bisous !