Print-Spiration - DJCAD Degree Show

Gorgeous colourful fish prints by Rosa Howie. One of my favourite collections of the show
 The beautiful nature inspired designs of Amy Malcolmson
 Inspired by the urban environment these geometric prints were designed by Anna Petrie
The work of Rebecca McGill. Some of her beautiful print samples can also be seen in the final picture
 These amazing interior pieces are the work of Judy Scott. I especially loved her many lampshade designs. 
Each year art schools around the UK put on a degree show to display their graduates work. Last weekend I went to the degree show of my own art school and I loved the work so much I decided to visit it again yesterday to take some photos. As a textile student starting of next year, I was particularly inspired by their work and really wanted to share some of my favourites while there was still time to visit the show yourself. 

The degree show will be running until Sunday the 25th May and is held throughout the entire art school with both fine art and design work form all the 2014 graduates. If you manage to visit I would love it if you left a comment telling me your favourite piece or department of work. 


  1. You should post some more of your own art work Rachel! xxxx

    1. Thanks Hannah! I am going to do some more this summer when I get time and I will be sure to post it! xxxx

  2. Wow, all of these patterns are so beautiful and fun!

  3. Hey look i spotted a carrot top! ;P