Goodbye Summer

University summers are well known for being extremely long and I definitely think it's about time to be getting back to my studies but I can't help miss the amazing travelling, long summer walks, outdoor barbecues, and having some quality time with my friends and family. I love having a summer recap to scroll through photos from the season and remember how much I actually did achieve and not all the little things I didn't have time to do.

The summer started pretty promptly with a quick trip down to London to visit an old friend of mine followed by a week in Paris with a well loved bestie. I had been to Paris with my family before but I got a whole new perspective second time around spending it with my fellow art friend sauntering through art galleries and stopping to draw take pictures of the things that inspired us. Next, it was back to London for the Company Blogger Awards agh!!!! I was so excited to be going to this event and I met so many other lovely bloggers like myself. I actually made a whole post about the event which you can read about here

Another amazing holiday that still seems really fresh in my mind as I only got back a couple of weeks ago was my trip to Switzerland. I thoroughly enjoyed the many mountain walks and cable car rides which led to some of the most breath taking views I had ever seen. It was quite an intense holiday as we were usually up pretty early and came back late and absolutely exhausted, but being surrounded by nature was so relaxing and inspiring. 

Of course in the time between these adventures I have been kept busy working at my summer job on most days as well as doing a bit of drawing and DIYs to perk up my room at home a little. Some of my favourite memories were going for hikes and picnics with friends and discovering the world of geocaching with my boyfriend (if you don't know what it is Google it! I discovered so many secret places that I didn't know existed right outside my doorstep). 

I may not have done everything on my summer bucket list but I certainly can't say I have done nothing and lazed around for the past three months (although I'm not denying the large amount of time I did spend procrastinating on the internet!) 

Please share your favourite summer moments or future summer plans! I am already can't wait for next year's!


  1. Summer always goes by so fast! I have a lot of great memories from summer but some that stick out to me were the weekend my little sister came to visit and we went to the zoo, spending the 4th of July with my family and recently heading to North Carolina for my friend's wedding!

    1. Sounds like you had an amazing summer Rachel! x

  2. I wish I could have gone to France this summer! But after all its farther from me then you, considering I live in Chicago :(

  3. awhh wow your photos from Paris are beautiful, I loved it when I went xx

  4. Wow stunning pictures! Amazing post! =D

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  5. Nice photos !
    Your blog is cool, I love your banner ! :)
    You just got one more follower.

    xx from France,