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I am so excited to share a snippet from my latest textile design project. As I mentioned in my first Youtube video, I am currently a textiles design student at university and pattern obsessed! Being that this is a fashion blog and I'm a textile student who spends a large amount of my time designing prints for the fashion industry, it only makes sense that I merge this part of my life onto the blog also. 

I particularly love children's fashion and for this girl's swimwear collection I wanted to take a fresh new look on children's wear through the use of mark making and shape compositions. The prints for the collection were inspired from a range of photos I took on a trip to a botanic garden which I then developed into a range of screen prints. Although screen printing isn't the most convenient method to create commercial mass-produced items, I find it a really good way to develop pattern layers and experiment with colour combinations. I then scanned in my most successful prints to convert them to something more suitable for digital printing. 

What are your thoughts on the collection? Could this be a new potential direction in the children's retail market? 

Also if you would like to stay up-to-date with the development of my latest project, find me on my Textiles blog Pattern Patch.

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