I am in love with the city of London! There is never a dull moment whenever I visit as the city is constantly moving and changing with new places to explore popping up almost daily. 

In my most recent trip back in April, I took a visit to the Saatchi in Sloan Square - now one of my favourite modern art collections so I had to share! The gallery holds some amazing large scale modern art pieces, these two being a couple of my favourites. Admissions are free for the gallery, and it is definitely one of the most 'fun' modern art galleries I have been to, so I recommend a visit if you are looking for a free morning or afternoon in London. 

(Also how awesome would an Instagram account solidly devoted to these types of pictures be?! An Instagram devoted to combining fashion and art together - something I might try!)


  1. Beautiful photos, I can see myself getting lost in the second one.


  2. These photos are so pretty. I love heading to museums & art galleries. :]

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