Cocooned In Pattern

There is nothing better than getting snuggled up into bed with a fresh pair of pyjamas, and feeling totally surrounded by warmth and a relaxed feeling. Although I am not getting all that much sleep myself at the moment, what with the end of semester approaching and big course work deadlines looming, I wanted to share part of one of my projects I have been working hard on this semester. 

So here is the textile talk... In my latest project I really wanted to focus on this concept of a mind-scape, and finding your personal space to relax and discover inner peace in. I love the idea of being cocooned in pattern, which is what I have aimed to achieve with these large scale printed night dresses. I think I have finally found my niche in digital print this project, which has been so much easier for changing up the proportions of colour and scale of the prints. 

What are your thoughts on including more textile related posts onto this blog? I am still trying to work out the balance on this blog between my design work and fashion posts. I would love to hear your feedback on this post, and maybe transform this blog to also be the main hub for my textile work also. 

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