Grey Days

I admit, it has been a while! Now in my third year of uni life has been a little hectic trying to balance double the amount of course work, social life and work on the side as well, but I miss it! Blogging is something that has kept me inspired in a creative area other than textiles design which is how I spend my day-to-day, so I want to try and fit writing back into my schedule whenever I can. 

These photos are from my Icelandic adventure back in June. I love finding quaint pieces of wall art in new cities around the world, and this find in Reykjavik is certainly a gem, and was a perfect backdrop for my grey Protected Species parka. The style in Reykjavik is simple, chic but practical,  and very Nordic. As I spent most of the trip climbing waterfalls and walking around the city I typically wore an outfit like the one pictured here; jeans, stripped tee, my Nike trainers and of course my trusted parka. Although we went in June, it certainly wasn't a summer climate (I had to remind myself whilst packing that I was heading somewhere colder and wetter than where I was already!) So something to remember if you plan on heading there next summer, but if you are travelling there right now I definitely recommend a wooly hat! 

Jacket - Protected Species // Top - Topshop // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - Nike

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