My Icelandic Adventure

Once a Nordic holiday spot brushed aside by most, Iceland has recently been put back on the tourist map for its beautiful landscapes and natural formations. I can’t say that I witnessed any spluttering volcanoes or surging lava flows during my stay last summer, despite our car rental insurance covering any potential ash damage, but its natural landmarks are breathtaking, with scenery unlike anything else I’ve seen before.  

Reykjavik is relatively pocket-sized as far as cities go and it sits comfortably in Europe’s top ten smallest capitals. Similar to related Scandinavian forms, many of the buildings have colourfully painted exteriors, which as a designer is just up my street; and they no doubt help brighten its long dark winters, too.    

The Blue Lagoon is also worth a visit and lives up to its “Blue” name. However, if you would like to join in with the locals, there are many natural geothermal swimming pools that offer a similar ‘spa-like’ swimming experience.

I’m certainly someone who loves action filled holidays and Iceland offers that on a variety of levels for all ages. It may not be the warmest of summer destinations, but in the land of the midnight sun, it’s still important to remember your sunglasses and SPF!

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  1. amazing getaway! I would love to visit the place someday <3 such an inspiring post. Great blog you have, stay inspired!



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