A Time To Reflect

We may be heading into the second week of 2016, but it's still not too late to reflect on 2015 and make resolutions for the current year. 

I don't tend to go into too much detail about my personal life as I like to keep this blog my positive place, but the first half of last year was certainly filled with a few more downs than I would have liked. For quite a while I was struggling with relationship problems and problems living away from home and I really lacked in self confidence and didn't feel like my usual happy self. But, through burying myself into university course and focussing on my relationships with the important people in my life, I managed to pick myself up and now I feel better than ever. I am now excelling in my textile work and feel really positive about who I am and where I am heading in the coming years. Twenty Fifteen also brought some great opportunities my way and I was able to visit ti amazing countries like Iceland, Ireland and just recently Thailand. I have also reorganised my blog and although I haven't been able to post as often as I would like, I am really proud of the standard of quality it is at. I look forward to further pursuing my love for textiles, travelling and blogging into 2016. 

As for resolutions, I have never been one to take a resolution lightly and always try to achieve them to my highest potential. Last year my goal was to join the gym and be both consistent and persistent with this throughout the year. The year before that I aimed to focus more on my blog, which resulted in working with some great companies, and being shortlisted for the Company Magazine's Blogger Awards, which I was over the moon about. This year I really want to continue focussing on myself through diet and fitness as well as who I am as a person. Obviously improving your general self is a very large goal so I plan on creating smaller monthly goals to pursue this fully, for example one month focussing on happiness and the next focussing on gratefulness. Although this is a much more generalised goal compared to previous years, it feel like the most relevant resolution after last year. 

I wish you all a happy new year and wish you the best of luck with your own resolutions over the next twelve months. 

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