The Colour Book

I live for colour and I think it plays a very important role in our daily lives. I love the simple joys that comes from catching a glimpse of bright colour in my day; from the colours of vegetables I choose to cook a meal with or noticing the splashes of blue nail polish on my finger tips while typing a new blog post. These little moments of happiness is why I am so inspired to inject bright colours into my textile work and why I am constantly on the look out for new colour combinations wherever I look. 

I like to keep a range of sketchbooks, ones that are specifically focussed on one project and ones that I continue over a long period of time. This is my colour journal where I record different colour combinations that inspire me - as you can tell I love my brights! Since starting my textiles course I have started saying that I no longer have a favourite colour, only favourite colour combinations - I know a little cheesy for a designer to say but very true. The importance of colour is one of the main reasons I am so excited by this industry, and I hope you can share this love for colour with me. 

Also have a look at my inspiration destination for colour on my Pinterest board! 

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