Travel Guide: Bangkok

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my recent adventures around Thailand. I am no travel writer, but I am hoping these photos can you give you a small insight into just how beautiful and vibrant this city is. I was lucky enough to visit over New Year, and although I was unable to attend any street parties as we were travelling across Thailand that evening by train, it was amazing to see the festivities out the train window. 

There are also many other ways to travel around the Bangkok either by tuc tuc, taxi or boat - you will probably find yourself trying out all three if you plan on visiting most of the major sites. I loved traveling by boat as it gave a different perspective of the city, plus if you are lucky you might even spot some wildlife. The floating market is also a must see. A lot of the floating markets printed in travel guides are very commercial and aimed for the tourists, but many small towns still have their own local floating markets that sell fresh ingredients and everyday goods such as flowers and fabric. 

The many temples and palaces are a great way to learn more about the importance of Thai culture, and see the some of the grander in the city. The Golden Palace is possibly the most regal, jewel-encrusted palace I have ever visited - I don't think I have ever been dazzled by so much gold in one place. 

Thailand is renowned for its street food which is literally everywhere, and by that I mean almost every single street you walk down. It's not the most hygienically cooked meal, which was I often opted not to try too much of it, but it's definitely very tasty and there are lots of of options to choose from. 

Ultimately, I think what inspired me the most was how colourful the city. Nothing appeared too grey or black and white. I loved the Thai's entire outlook on life to be happy and strive to be your better self, which is a frame of mind I want to take back home with me. 

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