The New Look

If you clicked on my blog today you may notice something a little different; we have a new logo! This is the first part of a few different changes that will be taking place on the blog over the next few months as I rebrand from Rachel's Fashion Patch into the new "Rachel Sanders." 

I have been working on the rebrand in collaboration with my friend and designer Frances Lucas; a fab graphic designer living in Bournemouth with a chic portfolio full of editorial and hand drawn work. Being a creative myself, I'm used to starting a project not quite knowing how the end result will turn out, which is great when tackling your own projects but not so great when you're working with someone else and wanting to experiment with different ideas,  so I definitely have to thank Frances for her patience and persistency on creating the right logo with me. 

I wanted to create a brand that was sophisticated but still approachable and had a hint of something new and different, likewise to my textiles work. I think these characteristics come through in the logo by using a timeless-looking font with a hint of originality of a backwards 'S' making up the 'R.' 

The process shots illustrate the journey of the logo design from start to finish; from our Pinterest inspiration and mood-boarding to developing through different ideas until arriving at the final product. There is still a little way to go in terms of fine-tuning business cards and label details, but I couldn't hold my excitement in for any longer, and I can't wait to hear all of your thoughts!


  1. This is lovely.

  2. This is really great !

    xx, Mathy